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Camp Life

Each summer, Family Legacy hosts 700 Americans and almost 7,000 vulnerable and orphaned children to our Camp Life Day Camp. The kids are transported from their compounds to land owned by Family Legacy. Camp Life is a unique approach to serving the children of Zambia. The concept is simple: connect families and individuals seeking true significance with children whose family identity has been taken from them. Camp Life is a powerful experience sharing God’s Word and serving these children through a one-week day camp at our Tree of Life Children’s Village property in Lusaka, Zambia. Camp Life takes place over a seven-week period between June and August each year. Participants from around the world are partnered with two of our Zambian staff to host and counsel ten Zambian children for this life-changing experience on the hilltop.

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Legacy Academy

Legacy Academy Schools are part of the Family Legacy Child Sponsorship Program. The sponsorship program allows individuals and families to connect to God’s heart for the children of Zambia by providing an opportunity for these children to receive a quality education. Currently, 15,000 children are enrolled in Family Legacy’s child sponsorship program. Family Legacy operates 26 Legacy Academy schools in 18 communities throughout Lusaka at no cost to the student or the student’s family (100% sponsored). We are unique in child education sponsorship in that we own or lease our own schools. In addition to an education, children attending Legacy Academy schools are provided with Christian discipleship, school uniforms, textbooks, classroom material and a hot lunch at school each day. Each year Family Legacy serves over four million hot meals to Zambian children in our school lunch program.

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Tree of Life

Founded with the opening of Lahema’s House in 2009, in memory of a little girl who suffered from the effects of HIV, now, through the grace of God and generosity of hundreds of American families and individuals, the Family Legacy Tree of Life Children’s Village extends its reach to 742 of the most at-risk vulnerable and orphan children in Zambia, Africa. A place of rescue and restoration, children living at the Tree of Life have the opportunity to learn and experience the healing love of Christ, with the intention of being properly equipped to return to their communities and create a positive change for the future of Zambia, as well as for their own family and decedents. The campus includes 64 residential houses, a primary through secondary school, a medical and social services clinic and sports and activity fields.